Thursday, September 27, 2012

Blog Post #5

The iSchool Initiative (Mobile Learning) – Travis Allen

Travis Allen, at seventeen, made a video about the advantages to learn through iSchool. Now in college Travis and his students travel the world to encourage others to support Mobile Learning. The idea of the school is pretty much evolved around the apple products: iPad, iPod, iMac, iPhone etc. With all the apps and accessories, the iSchool could become an actual mobile school. The entire school revolves around technology, the homework, books, notes, lectures, tests and more. With this usage Travis mentions the budget of public school versus the iSchool. The iSchool is much cheaper mostly because there are no paper books. The iSchool is up to date with technology and is good for the economy.

I honestly agree with Travis regarding the iShcool as a new revolution for learning. However, I do not feel it is necessary to create a whole school based on apple products. I think some technology should be involved in the class room, but not for all of the lessons. The iSchool seems to go a bit far with all of education in one source. Having lectures on online are good, but sometimes students work better with hands on material. I would not want my students to only have an iPad for learning. Plus looking at a screen to long can cause irritation.

Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir

WhiteAcre's Virtual Choir
After watching Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir, I was astonished by the scenery and sound. If the music was only playing, I would have thought it was a professional choir singing on stage. Instead it shows a variety of people around the world singing the selection, Lux Auruque. The group never met each other, only practiced and recorded in the comfort of their own homes. With a few technical adjustments to each individual recording, the group became an ensemble. With the help of the internet, the singers came as one and made a wonderful sound.

Teaching in the 21st Century - Kevin Roberts

Roberts’ video questioned viewers, “What does it mean it Teach to the 21st century”? He also asks a key question if students know how to find information on a computer? Information on the computer such as, Wiki, Google, Facebook or any sources online are not easy to find. Do teachers acknowledge the fact that some students do not even know how to use the internet? Robert describes how these sources are a must in the 21st century. When giving students permission to use the internet, you have to properly show them how to find information. The information has to be important, daring, and engaging! Learning has to be engaging. This is the answer Robert wants teachers to know; a teacher has to engage their students in a classroom setting. Not entertain and not just teach the students, but hold their students attention. Therefore, a teacher of the 21st century must be up to date with the world.

Why I Flipped My Classroom - Katie Gimbar

A baord that says, Why I Flipped My Classroom
“Why I Flipped My Classroom” by Katie Gimbar, was a video concerning a new teaching method for inside and outside the classroom. A method made by Dr. Lodge McCammon, who saw classroom time as to short for proper learning. Class time is mostly based on lecture than active work towards the end. When a teacher gives assignments at the end of class they cannot see each student’s progress. That is why Dr. Lodge McCammon came to flipping the classroom. To give students, every other day, a lecture to watch online and have in class activities later is smart. With Katie she describes how efficient his method is towards her classroom. She was able to focus on all of the students needs and engage her students to learn.

I would use Dr. Lodge McCammon’s system in my classroom setting. If the students know the resources ahead of time, it is great way to manage classroom activities. They can watch the videos online and come with an open mind to the classroom the next day. It will help them get use to using the computer, and myself as a teacher to connect with my students. The Flipping the Classroom Method has the power to reach out to the students.


  1. Jazmin,
    I enjoyed reading your blog and opinions on the iSchool in the classroom. You said having hands on material is what some students prefer, but there are all sorts of fun games and activities in the application store that integrate learning. Those applications make for a wonderful way for hands on activities. Plus it saves paper! I do, however, agree with the irritation of the eyes. I could see that becoming a huge health problem in the future.

  2. Hey Jazmin,

    I understand your concerns about the iSchool, but I think the benefits outweigh the cons.

    Good job on your post. I'm glad that you have found some useful information form this assignment! These new ways of teaching and learning are only getting more diverse, so having a basic knowledge about these things is very important to the 21st Century teacher.

    Stephen Akins

  3. Jazmin, I found the comments on your Blog #5 easy reading. I think you used a lot of good details and I understand what you are saying. You remained on the topics and sentence organization is good. A suggestion I can offer for improvement is to restate the sentence "To give students,every other day, a lecture to watch online and have in class activities later is smart." as "Giving students online lectures to watch every other day and in class activities to do is a smart idea." It seems to flow better to me. I like the graphics used on this blog.