Thursday, August 30, 2012

Blog Post #2

Colorful technical machinery wheels, formed into a brain.
1. Did You Know? 3.0 A Strange John 2012 Version

Professor Strange posted a video on YouTube called “Did You Know- 3.0?” based off an original version created by KarlFisch and Scott McLeod. This video includes statements and facts on the entire world that has changed through technology. Technology as in computers, internet, manufactures, cellular devices etc; the list could go on and on. It gives stats on IQ scores between India and the United States; with India having the highest IQ scores. It also states that the fluent English language is sky rocketing in the China population. All of which points back to learning, and how learning is growing through the help of technological information. Technology built from the roots of the human minds. Our logic and capabilities of technical information has grown excessively. We are all able to gain more and more knowledge. Years to come, technology will be the only way to learn in America.

In my opinion a computer has rebirth America. Things we are not always able to have can be accessed through a computer. Same when the automobile made history in America. America was able to travel paths to transport goods and services long distant. Technology is creating its own path throughout the world. It makes you think, what is next? What is the next big thing someone or something will create in this world that outnumbers what we already have? This video surprised me because, I never actually felt eager to know what we have created. When I got a cellular device I did not care to know who else, besides me in the world, was texting at that very moment in time. I am actually disappointed to hear about the United States downfall compared to the other countries. To about the United States having low scores, or more people outside of America can speak English than our own country, is sad. With more students focusing on texting or playing games on the computer the United States will always be ranking on the low scale of learning. Most of us know already, especially me, that we cannot be perfect. Not everything we learn we can remember, we can only do our best. Technology is replenishing us every day.

2. Mr. Winkle Wakes

Mr. Winkle Wakes”, by Matthew Needleman, is a video cartoon an imagery of how Americas achievements. It shows an old man confused on the technology use today; however, that is because technology was not used in his time. Winkle woke up one hundred years later when everything around him had changed. People were working with computers, and printing files from printer; items of which Mr. Winkle never had seen before. It tells how amazed Mr. Winkle was that human kind created. Giving only a short description on what resources were built after he awoken. Mr. Winkle did like towards the end of the video, that learning was still a part of history.

This video was very funny to watch, because it is almost like some of the older generation today about new technology. Every time I try to get my grandfather to use his cellular he says, “This was not made back in my day. We did not need cell phones when I was young”. Everything is constantly changing throughout the world. In this video it only shows part of what has changed through a visualize image. I think there should be more of Mr. Winkle videos; good example to show to kids how the world is constantly developing around them.

3. Sir Ken Robinson: The Importance of Creativity

The video Ken Robinson Creativity unfolds the reason why creativity is important in the learning environment. He tells us that, “Creativity should be treated in the same way literacy should”, meaning creativity is a big factor for the future (Robinson). Being creative is a big part in childhood, and slowly disappears through the school educational system. Math, reading, writing, and science are the main roots for the education system; well why cannot dance, art, music, or anything we like to really do be the roots? It turns back to the universe. The universe sets rules for what they feel is necessary to live out in the world; rules becoming the learning system. “Children are told making a mistake is wrong. If you are not prepared to be wrong, you will never come up with anything original”, what Ken Robinson also mentions in his recording. Meaning to be wrong is not a bad thing, and is actually a part of being creative. To possibly make something that is not original you must think or be creative.

I did like his video personally. It was informative and humorous about education. He gave funny examples about his son, or the little girl who drew her image of god. His statements on intelligence, diverse, dynamic and distinct were a little confusing. He then had examples behind each of them giving me a clearer picture of the terms. One of his little story example included a woman by the name of Gillian Lynne, who had an issue of fidgeting in class. She went to a specialist, because everyone was concerned of her odd behavior. The specialist played some music and left her alone in the room. Gillian suddenly could not help, but to move her body to the music. Sir Ken Robinson confirmed in his video, “If she had not gone to the specialist about her condition, she would have been given a prescription and told to calm down”. In that case she never would have known she was meant to be a dancer.

The education system throws creativity out of the window only for certain courses and those are the mandatory courses. If everyone was allowed to do what they want as a young generation, there would be more opportunities in the future job wise. Now people need so many levels of education to get a job, making it harder to have a future.

4. Think about the FUTURE

As I was watching "A Day Made of Glass Two:Unpacked", I was stunned. For durable glass to be used as an everyday accessory is incredible. Some of the content shows kids Corning (durable glass) not only in a classroom, but for personal usage too. To see that much power in technology for the future just does not seem real to me. As I continued through the video, I grew out of shock. It appeared too good to be true. Not saying that we cannot actually produce Corning throughout the world; just, what use can it really be? How much would it cost us to make, durable glass, all over the world and what are the disadvantages of it failing?

To have only durable glass in a learning environment is distracting. What if something went wrong? If we become so reliable upon this, what is the backup plan if it fails? Something like Corning, I feel, is nice to have in a classroom, but should not be the everyday usage for learning. It would seem like entertainment, more than educational. As for higher levels of education or corporations to use it, like a hospital, than that is great.

All together the videos: Mr. Winkle, Did You Know, and A Day Made of Glass, were very informative. Some of the videos were surprising as others were creative on how we have been over the years. I enjoy new technology as long as it is beneficial, but not so much if it disrupts a classroom for younger learners. Of course I would have enjoyed sensitive to the touch durable glass when I was young. Nevertheless, durable glass could become hard on some children. Children who already have a tough time trying to stay focus in class. Always keep the future in mind, but know that all schools do not run the same as others; especially schools showed for advertisement.

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    You covered each of the sections thoroughly and included an image with working ALT and TITLE modifiers. However, there were a lot of spelling and grammatical mistakes throughout your post, and that is distracting. I recommend that you write your posts in a Microsoft Word document and then copy and paste it into the Blogger text box. That way you'll catch most of the errors.
    For example: "I hear my grandmother say every time I try to get him to use his cellular," Is it your grandfather or your grandmother? You used two separate genders in this sentence.
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