Sunday, December 9, 2012

Project #13

Project 13, for my group Problems Children.
Kayla Szymanski
Sidney Jensen
And this post by Annie Turner,
We have used so many types of technology in this course! We have had the best opportunities to learn about Skype, Facetime, Google Docs, SMART boards, PLNs, YouTube, iMovie, iPhoto, iBook, blogs, and so many other collaborations. I have used Skype prior to the class and loved it from the beginning. I love how we can integrate it into our classrooms and connect with teachers and students from around the world. Facetime is one of my favorites as well. I have used Facetime prior to this class and thought it was great how you can talk to someone like they are there in person.I have used this to collaborate with my group this semester and it was very helpful. Google Docs is amazing! I love how you can share documents with anyone you want, whenever you want and it is accessible anywhere! I am so glad that tool is available for us as teachers. SMART boards are awesome! I can't wait to learn and do more on those in the classroom. They are so interactive and engaging for children to apply their learning. I can see so many things I can do on the SMART board in my classroom to get the students motivated! I am also glad to have found my PLN (Personal Learning Network) and to be able to add teachers and experts to it as I find them for future references. I'm sure it will benefit me in the future when I'm teaching. YouTube is such a huge part of this class and I feel very lucky to have used it so often and see how to embed videos or share them in different programs. iMovie, iPhoto, iBook are all wonderful programs!! I have really enjoyed creating movies, videos and the iBook. I have learned so much like how to insert pictures, videos, text, charts, hyperlinks, make movies, detach audio from a recording, upload photos, import, export, edit, crop, re-size photos, etc. I must say the possibilities are endless when it comes to technology! I am so fortunate to have learned so much in this course and to have all these technologies to use and get for my own classroom. The students will be so excited to start learning about them! All the blogs we had to visit and comment on were great experiences and showed me how there are so many educators out there willing to share anything you want to know. I can only hope that the school I become a teacher in has as many great technologically advanced devices to utilize as we got to learn about in this class!

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