Monday, December 3, 2012

Final Project #16

This video is mostly describing the challenges in EDM310 and advice for going into the class. The challenge in the beginning, finding your own inspiration in the middle, and reflection of EDM310 is in this video.


  1. We're still waiting on you to upload your video.

  2. Sidney has the video uploaded to his so here is the comment I posted for your video. We will check back soon to see that you have uploaded your new video to your blog.

    I like the use of the green screen in your video. It added a cool effect! There are some positive pieces of advice which I liked as well. The video has a lot of potential.
    However, I don't feel like this video would be very encouraging to new EDM 310 students. It's a shame the majority of your final project is an assortment of complaints. I personally would not have included some of the bits of people talking negatively about the class, professors, and lab assistants. How is that helpful to future students? It sets their minds to dislike the class before they've even began. Also, it is simply rude and does not send a good message about you or your partner.

    1. I am sorry you feel that way. We asked the interviewers to speak freely in our video. I see your point about the encouragement, but it does show how students have over came the course in EDM 310. We did not mean for it to be negative, mostly truthful and positive. I hope others do not think that was our intentions because it was not. Our intentions were to show the challenges of EDM 310, what they liked about EDM 310, and ways some students pushed themselves through the course. Thank you for watching, and sharing your comment with us Jacey-Blaire.