Thursday, November 22, 2012

Final C4K Summaries for November and December 2012

The first comment I left was for a ninth grade student Justin. His post, “Veterans Day History and Tribute”, talks about the previous wars America has been involved in. Wars such as World War I, World War II, and Vietnam are what Justin refers to in his blog post. He gives various statistics on the wounded, as well as the troops who sacrificed their lives in the wars. I thanked Justin for his support in our troops, and his useful information he provided. One thing I told him I did not know was Veterans Day was originally called Armistice Day in America. Armistice Day was celebrated to thank the soldiers who were in World War I, but after World War II it changed to Veterans Day, to honor all veterans in our country. I enjoyed reading Justin’s post, and it brought a warm feeling to my heart for our troops.

Special Request

From my previous C4K post, I had a request from Mr. Boylen’s student Kelsi D. She requested in a comment for me to read her post on Brain Cancer and Title. I decided, instead of doing one of my assigned readings for this week, to summarize Kelsi’s two posts she asked me to read. I really liked Kelsi’s first post I read, and I did not mind to share her work again for my final C4K.

Brain Cancer: Kelsi D.
October 31st, 2012

The first post I read was called, Brain Cancer. It was about a young girl who found out she only had a few months to live due to her chemotherapy treatment for brain cancer. Of course the young girl and her family where devastated with news, but they pulled through in the end. She did not want to tell her friends or anyone that she was slowly dying; she did not release the news because, she did not want others to treat her any differently while she was sick. She did die in the story, but Kelsi said “death is only the beginning” at the end of her post.

My comment I left to Kelsi complemented her on her ability to change the themes of her stories so easily. She is always able to put herself in another person’s shoes, and keep the readers entertained. Even though this was a sad story, she kept it alive through some positive aspects.

Title: Kelsi D.
November 4th, 2012

The second post I left on Kelsi’s blog was for Title. This story you cannot picture by going off the actual “title” of the post. I think she did her title this way because it gets readers curious to know what the post is about; therefore, they must actually read the post to figure it out. For her story the two main characters are, Sarah and Kali. Sarah is a daughter of a famous explorer Edward Sweets. She is forced to live in the jungle for three months, while her father looks for the Golden Temple. Becoming an explorer herself, Sarah runs into the jungle man Kali. Kali is not use to people, but he knows quite a bit of English for a man living in the jungle. At some point in the story, Kali takes Sarah through an adventure, and teaches her a few things. Later, at the end of the story, Sarah marries Kali, and they both live in the jungle as a happy family.

This is exactly what I meant by how Kelsi can change directions with her characters. My comment to her compliments her work, and her good grammar. She is a great storyteller, and I can tell she loves to write. She is able to keep the reader’s attention, and is creative when it comes to adventures. I am just starting to read her novel, and so far it seems very interesting. I suggest others to go read Mr. Boylens’ class blog; you too will be amused by his students!

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