Sunday, November 18, 2012

Blog Post #12

For Blog Post #12 Dr. Strange wants Edm310 students to create a blog post related to our major. It must be something Dr. Strange himself would have assigned if he came up with the idea.

Kid Pix 3D

I am majoring in Elementary Education, and my grade level I plan on teaching is Kindergarten. I want to use technology as a source, but I do not want to put too much pressure on my younger students. Therefore, previously I watched a video on YouTube to give me a better picture on the 21st century activities in a Kindergarten classroom. I decided I wanted something that would grab my student’s attention, as well as put their little creative minds to work. One of the programs the video mentioned is Kid Pix 3D. This program allows you to make an animation story. The students can upload music, pictures, movie clips, and put it all together in a film. Also, the program by itself provides all the tools to create a good film clip. This I feel is better than creating a podcast story because, students are allowed to have 3D animation characters interacting in the story. This is the perfect program for the younger generation, to have them get started in the 21st century of education. It is simple, and can be very useful for the new techniques in the world today.

I would like for my students to create a short story clip, and get in the habit of using the new program. By having them create their own stories to share with the class, my students will be able to use their own words to express their thoughts. They will be using complete sentences in an exciting new way. Kid Pix 3D will be really fun and exciting for the classroom setting. Plus the students can post their creative film online under our class blog later on.

Right below I have my first try at Kid Pix 3D. It is a short story with a song I felt everyone can relate to. This program is free for 15 days, as well as suggested to school districts to purchase the program later. Sorry for the blurry scene, I need to upgrade my software, but you get the idea.

The Actual Assignment Blog Post#12:

For the blog post this week I would like for you to create your own Kid Pix 3D film. YOU MUST download the 15 day free trial, before you can have access to make the film. Your film must be appropriate for the younger grade level to watch. This means no inappropriate language or bad usage in the film what so ever. Create a short story film, no more than 5 minutes long. After you have made the video save the file, and follow the instruction for any questions in the Kid Pix 3D guide. This guide will be given to you after you have downloaded the program. Upload your film clip on YouTube, and post it on your blog. Under the video write a paragraph or two about how you feel this program will be useful in the 21st century. Include your own personal thoughts on the program. What did you like about it or what did you not like about the program? Would you use Kid Pix in your classroom? Follow the qualifications of Writing a Quality Blog.

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  1. Jazmin,
    I really liked your idea for this post! Kid Pix 3D looks like a great program and I think you are right about it being a good starting place for Kindergarteners. I think it would have been a better use of our time to get to know this program rather than some of the things we did for our blogs. Good job!