Saturday, October 27, 2012

Teacher Summary #3 for November 2012

Lauren Brannan: In the Hands of Children “Sharing the iPad Screen with Students”
August 27th, 2012

The post was finding a solution, so students can see an iPad screen in a larger perspective. Lauren provided two links as the solution with the iPad screen. One link was the Apple VGA. This app is able to project the iPad screen onto a projector for other students to view. However, there seemed to be a bit of a problem with viewing all the apps provided. So instead they use what is called the Reflection app. This app can project the iPad screen on a computer, and from a computer to a smart board. Both of the apps are non-expensive, which falls right into the category of a teacher’s budget.

I thanked Lauren Brannan for sharing these useful apps online. I also mentioned about how technology is changing, and to apply this change is important in a classroom setting. I did ask a question about a previous comment, posted about the multiple iPads on the screen, which caused the reflection app to crash. I wanted to know if they had found a way to put multiple students’ projects up on a smart board without the crash. Last I gave her my information, just in case she wanted to contact me through email.

“We have iPad Covers”
August 18th, 2012

Lauren posted how the faculty where able to come together and purchase protection for the iPad. It was not easy because, most school systems do not have a funding for such a thing. Instead the principle at the school was able to take some of the office funding to purchase the iPad Big Grips Foam covers for their new iPads. She mentions how wonderful the products protection is, for the fact that just in case of an accident the iPad is still in good condition. She mentions towards the end how teachers can get a good price deal on the items for teaching at an institution. I think it is wonderful how her school is progressing in technology. They are able to bring excitement into the classroom, by using the iPad touches. I left her a brief comment thanking her for sharing the iPad touch cases experience, and that it is nice to see teachers getting involved with a new source of technology in a classroom setting. I am pretty sure it was not easy for them to purchase all of those iPads, but they pulled through for their students. I would want to the school system to do the same for my students to help them succeed in the 21st century.

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