Saturday, October 13, 2012

September and October C4K Summaries

The first student I commented on was a girl, named Asena. She is attending a school in England, as one of Miss King’s students. Her post consisted of a video showing her team winning medals for a netball competition. Under the video, she wrote a note about how happy and nervous she was to receive her medal. I told her, from where I was sitting, none of her team mates looked nervous; all of her team looked happy and proud.

The second students name was Tame, a boy describing his school doing the Paralympics activities. He was teamed up with one of his friends, and they both pushed each other in the activities. One activity made him run with one hand behind his back. He described how hard it was to keep his balance, while running with only one hand. I told him I never considered to run with one hand before, but maybe will try it one day.

The third student was a 4th grader, named Reilly. She wrote a post called “Flying on Wheels”, as I would call it, an adventure story. The story was about her and her friend Abby taking a dangerous steep hill with their bikes. It was fun at first until, they began to go faster and faster down the hill. Suddenly Reilly noticed she could not use the brakes; she was riding a bike, at the time, were the brakes were located on the handle bars. Instead of using the proper handle brakes, she pedaled backwards. She was freaking out about the sharp stones down the hill, and she thought her brakes went out. Everybody was yelling at her to use her brakes. She ended up using her feet, against the ground, to finally come to a stop. Later she laughed, after finding out that her brakes were on the handle bars. I commented to her how I was afraid for her safety, after I had read the story. I enjoyed her little story, and also mentioned how good she did not losing control of the bike.

Last comment I left was for a 10th grade student, named Calvin. His post was called “Friends”. The post consisted of the stability between personal and academic life is a way to have good productivity. He tells us, if you have too much personal it can be very distracting and less productive. As well as, if you have too less of personal it can be more stressful and cause less productivity. I commented to him about, how I agree with finding a balance between the two points. I mentioned about my first year in college, contained too much personal life. I suggested to him, for any academic setting, to make a schedule to help balance personal and academic life.

All of my comments to the students were positive and encouraging at the end!

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