Saturday, October 20, 2012

Blog Post #8

Dr. Richard Miller “This is How We Dream” Parts 1 and 2

In the video what Dr. Richard Miller wants us to attain is, “How writing in the academy has changed, and writing in the culture has changed.” He tells viewers the difference between fundamental changes, compared to incremental changes. Fundamental change, I think, is the beginning of something great, a base. The fundamental change, Dr. Richard Miller is referring to, is multimedia; this new source of technology has changed the world in a way we communicate and learn globally. Incremental change he describes is how we work now in the world, with the resources around us. Sources like paper, pencil, books, Microsoft Office products, the web, etc. One example he uses is Collaborative Networking. It is a way to communicate with anyone globally, plus connect with others through education. This document is shared worldwide through networking. It combines beautiful resources of pictures, sound, film, text, speeches, and more put together in a coherent document; in which the creativity behind it all makes it a fun experience. It might have started on paper, but now culture is going international.

So much new technology is being created and renewed as we speak. Dr. Richard Miller describes in part two, “This is How We Dream”, the digital work. Such as ITunes U, where you could find lectures, podcasts, coherent documents, or academic information right in your own home; through the internet there is a whole library basically at your finger tips. This kind of relates to the question, “Why do we need teachers?” Well these resources did not just pop up magically. Someone had to either show or create such a wonderful supply of information online for others to view. Educators are there to show the students the ropes, and help them construct multimedia projects; plus, educators are always helping to improve social networking. By teaching with multimedia, our students are able to reflect their creativity. Many students already write and learn with networking sites. Young students are already making their own podcasts for learning, why not push them even further? Push them with new techniques, we can have the students share their work with others.

I will be prepared to write with multimedia, for the reason that I want my students to learn in the 21st century. I will motivate them to learn all of these new resources, which will become useful in their future. My students will not feel alone to learn such a skill because, I will be right next to them every step of the way. Students are able to do anything they put their minds to, and it is important for me, as an educator, to let them. Students should be able to share their thoughts without restraint. As Dr. Richard Miller states towards the end of part two, “Ideas do not belong to us individually, but they belong to us as a culture. And that we as educators must be in the business of sharing ideas freely”, educators as well as students should have no restraint in this.

One last thing, our biggest obstacle in life is ourselves because, only we can get in the way of accomplishing our goals in life.

Blog Post #12 Carly Pugh

Blog Post #12 assignment is a post where edm310 students are allowed to create an assignment for Edm310. Not just any assignment, but one Dr. Strange would have thought of himself to assign, if he were to come up with the idea. Carly’s Blog Post #12 consisted of her adding to Blog Post #10 in the course assignments. Simply stated, she wanted students to put together a YouTube playlist of videos, relative to the topics she had listed. The topics are things related to what we have learned in Edm310 or new topics based on education. You only have to choose five out of ten topics, with a minimum of ten videos in your playlist. She has resourceful links in her post, and describes the importance of some of her videos under her playlist.

Carly was very creative, and relates to Dr. Richard Millers idea on collaborative networking. She put together collected material of media then shared it with others across the world. She in a way created a document, but as a digital work of videos. Giving resources throughout her blog post for the videos, and text information, she created a coherent document. Carly has indeed put together a collage for public viewing. I enjoyed going through each of her links posted; most of all the funny videos relative to education. Such brief statements can really tell the whole truth of a bigger picture.

EDM310 for Dummies and Chipper Series

EDM310 for Dummies, is a video based on how to make sure to stay on top of things in this particular class. It shows the frustration Edm310 can cause on students, and ways to understand Edm310 to prevent such irritation. The fiction book, EDM310 for Dummies, tells the edm310 students how they can approach the class. Listing video tutorials on every project or activity that is required throughout the course, the book says it all. Main point is if you actually go online and look for tutorials on the projects, it will benefit you for the class; actually, most of the assignments provide video tutorials with clickable links. Using your own resources or others to help you learn about what is new in the world, Edm310 can help you discover how to be an educator in the 21st century.

The next video was the Chipper Series. It told a story about a girl who started as an edm310 student, and how she acted as a student reflected here future. Chipper was a negative person when it came to Edm310 class courses, she had an excuse for everything. She did not try hard enough, only procrastinated to get things finished. Her future did not go as she planned, because each task she failed to complete. How you react now as student in college or anywhere, effects what will happen in your future. Say you were a slacker when it came to math throughout school, it would most likely be a mistake to go for an accounting job as a career. In order for anyone to be successful you have to work hard and strive for what you want.

If I had to make or participate in a video for edm310 students to watch at this point in the semester it would be about inspiration. The inspiration video would be based off of other edm310 students who have struggled in the course, and how they pushed forward in the class. I know at this time right now I really need positivity to keep moving through this course; I am starting to catch myself reacting like a Chipper, by making an excuse for everything. I think this video should include tips on how edm310 students handle the class. What keeps them going, how do they try to stay ahead, or even how do they overcome their frustration. The video should include inspirational music, and just have a positive effect on students who watch it during this time in the semester. There is still a lot of work to be done, and we must stay focus on our dreams to become educators. Inspiration, motivation, determination, anything to help the students keep their heads up high, is what we want to accomplish from the video.

Learning to Change, Changing to Learn

This particular video describes how the changes in the economy should also influence the changes in a classroom setting. It talks about the new things out in the world today are reflected outside of the classroom, instead of inside. With today’s new technology students can reflect, research, retract, and repeat which is great for learning; this way of learning needs to develop inside a classroom setting. Shift the academic experience, start with the educators and work towards the students. To help the students have a good mind set of the 21st century, educators need to learn about the tools in the 21st century. One person mentions how standardized tests have no prior meaning to the jobs students will have later on in the future. Jobs are not based on a right answer out of multiple questions. They are based off of the students reflection of what they have learned, not memorization. In the 21st century students should be a capable to find, use, understand, collect, reuse, communicate, share, etc. data.

I agree with this argument that we must teach now what needs to be taught, or else our students, and we as educators, will be lost in the world. We will not be up to date with the new tools provided to us as educators, if we live by the same old standards. As educators we should not allow this to happen. We must realize as well as analyze the change going on in the world.

Scavenger Hunt Web 2.0

-Watch the video introduction for Discovery Education Web 2.0 for 2011.
-Visit Discovery Education's WEB 20.11 site.
-WEB 2.0 Tools is for the Scavenger Hunt.

1.)Part one was to locate a social tool, which we ourselves can use as educators in the future.

Under Community Tools, is what is called Wikispaces. A great site available for teachers to use and stay connected with their students or other teachers. It is a great networking site, to share ideas with an audience all over the world. It seems almost like blogging, but you can grade and post assignments on Wikispaces. You are able to make as many wikis as you want, for an awesome price deal for teachers. This could be an option I would use in a classroom setting, because it is a reliable source. To have all of my documents in one source, Wikispaces would be a great use for organization.

3.) Part three was to locate a tool and make a comic strip.

Jay the Procrastinator
By: Jazmin Montgomery
Jay procrastinates when it comes to finishing her blog pot for the week.
Click the picture, if it is to blurry to read!

4.) Part four was to find a video tool, you never used before, and summarize its features.

The video tool I found was called, Animoto. Some of its special features include, Cinematic, Spotlight, Text, and Embed. You can simply upload videos add your own story line and music. With the Cinematic A.1 it automatically analyzes all the video components and making the video look like a real movie. The spotlight lets specific images get a prominence and display time. The video is easy to share or embed online for others to view.


  1. "If I had to make or participate in a video for edm310 students to watch at this point in the semester it would be about inspiration." an excellent idea. I encourage you to do it!

    Interesting, thoughtful.

  2. Jazmin, I really enjoyed reading your blog. You have a positive outlook about multimedia. I really like the idea of making a video about inspiration for EDM310. I know EDM310 was very stressful for me the first couple of week. You did a really job with your post.